4 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Skip a Newborn Photography Session

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the main reasons why you don’t want to skip your maternity session, and since nearly every new mama-to-be also wants to have beautiful pictures of their new baby (but doesn’t always get around to getting them done), I thought it only made sense to write this post to give you some encouragement and reassurance, too!

See, plenty of new parents love the idea of having professional photos when their bundle of joy arrives, but between feeling tied to your home and being bogged down with the learning curve of taking care of a little being that needs you to survive, the idea of having a newborn session can come and go as quickly as your chance to sleep.

And that’s why it’s so crucial to plan and get your session on the calendar!

I work with all my clients to pinpoint a window so that we can get them and their baby into the studio within the first two weeks of life, here’s why…

1) They’re Only This Little For So Long 

Babies grow pretty quickly, and you’d be amazed at how your one-month-old looks so different from how they did when they were plopped down on your chest in the delivery room.

By getting in for your newborn session early, you’re able to capture them at their littlest which makes for not only timeless family keepsakes but also beautiful birth announcements.

2) You’ve Got a Short Window For Less Wriggles 

In addition to documenting your new babe when they’re brand new, getting them in within the two-week timeframe ensures that we have a super sleepy and snuggly baby to work with.

Those first couple weeks it seems like all a baby does is sleep and eat, sleep and eat, and it’s that stillness that allows me to position baby into those cute poses where they won’t budge or fuss.

(Another perk? While I’m doing my work, you’re welcome to catch some zzz’s yourself! I keep my space nice and quiet for both babies and new parents.)

3) In the Day Where iPhone Photography Rules, Your Newborn Session Photos are Timeless 

There’s no doubting that technology is a beautiful thing, and it’s fantastic that we can now capture a moment in time with such ease. However, when you want to recall your most precious moments in life (and that of your baby’s), scrolling through your phone’s photo album just doesn’t have the same effect.

Within the first year, you’re going to get thousands of pictures of your little one, and they’ll be adorable and smile-inducing, but the reality is, most of them won’t ever make it off your phone, and if they do, it’s usually just to your Facebook profile.

A professional newborn photo session gives you the opportunity to soak in those precious moments not through a screen, but on the walls of your home, in the frames sitting on your desk or office shelves, and on the fridges of your loved ones when they get your baby’s gorgeous birth announcement.

4) It Gives You a Chance to Relish in New Motherhood

Anyone who’s gone through it will tell you; birth can be a total blur. And chances are the most crystal clear moment was that beautiful moment where you finally got to hold your baby in your arms for the first time.

Then come the sleepless nights, crying fits, and long feeding sessions…new mamahood is hard but rewarding. And when you have timeless memories to enjoy in your home and an album, it gives you a chance to relish in that new motherhood, as tiring as it may be, because you created this little being that loves you with every cell of their little self.

Have more questions about having a newborn photography session for your bundle of joy?

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