Reflections {Child and Family Photographer Jacksonville FL}

My mind is instantly taken back to the exact moment when I take a moment to look at our family photos…I can hear giggling coming from our make shift playroom under the stairs and I began to grin from ear to ear.  That sweet sound is just music to my ears, my two children actually playing together.  They make my life interesting to say the least most of them time, but I will stop whatever I am doing, grab my camera, and start snapping when I hear those giggles.  To be able to sit back and reflect on those times is just so magical and amazing to me.  My life became complete when I had those two.


I began to think of what I could do for parents who their children’s magical moments might be numbered due to illness.  Pure Life Photography has teamed up with Nemours Children’s Clinic and we offer a free session with digital images on a disc for families with children that have terminally ill diseases.  If I can help bring back a smile to a parent’s face when they sit and reflect on their children it would make me feel even more complete.  If you do know of a family that would be interested please have them contact via email at


Sharon - November 11, 2013 - 12:28 AM

Laura! What an incredible gift you are giving to families! You are the perfect person to do this as you are such a loving mother and a truly compassionate person. You are giving these families something that is priceless and irreplaceable. I’m so proud of you!